Friday, September 25, 2015

8 Months of Sweet Vera

My sweet little Vera is 8 months old now!  That seems so old!  It's crazy to me how time flies.  Vera is the sweetest little baby.  I feel so blessed to have her in our family.  I think I can truly say I have thoroughly enjoyed her babyhood.  She is growing up so fast.  These posts are mostly for my own memory keeping and enjoyment so here we go...

According to my scale at home she is about 18 pounds now and wearing mostly 9 month clothes.  

Just in past week she has started sleeping until about 6-7 in the morning, prior to that is was more in the 4-5 range, but I think we have made a breakthrough!  She takes two naps a day now and is officially on a four hour schedule, eating in the early morning, 9 am, 12:30, 5, and 8 for bedtime.  Her nap in the afternoon is shorter than I would prefer, but she is still so happy when she is up and I kind of enjoy our alone time before the crazy big kids get up from their nap.

She is sitting really well now!  She really only falls over when her sibling "hug" her aka. knock her over.  Poor kid. ha. She is not a fan of tummy time so I don't think we are anywhere close to crawling, which is great in my opinion!  She has recently started flipping to her tummy during sleep and is not a fan of that.

We have been on 3 meals a day of solids for a while now.  Vera loves almost every veggie I have given her, but is not sure about fruits.  I think it is a texture issue.  

She has one bottom tooth just starting to poke through.

She is loves banging toys around, putting everything in her mouth and watching her siblings.  She laughs for Amaia much easier than me.  She has started babbling more and mimicking sounds a bit and I am trying my hardest to get her to say "mama" but it hasn't happened yet.  She is happy little lady, but doesn't like being left alone and protests if she can't see me.

So there you go - 8 months of sweet miss Vera!

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