Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Celebrations 2014

We had a wonderful Christmas week with no major sicknesses, lots of family time and lots of food! We hosted most festivities at our house this year, but my wonderful husband and family did so much of the work and took sympathy on my pregnant state, which I was so very thankful for.  Unfourtunately, I realized that as Christmas gets busier with little people running around and hosting at our house my remembrance of taking pictures has significantly decreased.  So, I need to work on that, but I did manage some.

On Christmas eve we were with Adam's family and had a nice dinner and then went to church at the downtown church.  Going to church on Christmas Eve was the one thing that was really important to me.  I knew it would be chaotic (mostly due to a crazy 2-year old little boy) but I really want this to be a family tradition for us, so I wanted to make it work.  Adam was my hero and chased Haddon around during the whole service and I got to sit with this cute girl.  This was her first time holding the  candle and she did a great job, until she thought it would be fun to turn around and try blowing out other people's candles. Ha.  

I tried taking a picture of both children on Christmas Eve by the Christmas tree, but this is the best I could get due to the fact that Haddon doesn't stay still.

Amaia had a very "Frozen" Christmas this year, as I am sure many other little girls did :)  She is always so enamored by high heel shoes and wears mine just about every opportunity she gets, so I got her some of her own.

She was also gifted this ice castle.  I did not even know she had such an attention span, but this is quite literally all she has done for the past 2 or 3 days.

I didn't get any good pictures, but Haddon had a very truck Christmas!  He was gifted a fancy blue truck and can't put it down either.  He now walks around holding his doggy and truck basically everywhere he goes.  We are going to have to get him a man bag soon, because he just doesn't have enough hands for all his treasures that he insists upon carrying around with him!  I love how much of a boy he is becoming.  My boys are so handsome.

My sister and her husband flew out to visit us this year and my children very much enjoyed seeing them and playing with them while they were here.  Here are Amaia and Aunt Jessica at the Americana.

We had a great week of seeing family and celebrating this past week and now I am so ready to meet this baby!!  I'm still wishing for a New Year's eve baby, but trying to enjoy the last days or weeks as a family of 4.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Haddon Turns 2!

I still think of Haddon as my baby, but I guess it is time for me to change that because he is a big 2 year old now!  And also we have a real baby joining the family in the near future :)

I decided with Amaia that we would play the 2 year birthday very low key, because let's be honest at 2 years old the party is still more for myself than the birthday boy.  Thus, we had some family over for dinner and birthday treats, opened gifts and enjoyed our little, big guy.  

Haddon is very into trains or "choo-choos" as he calls them, so we went with a Thomas cookie cake.  I didn't know that it would come with a toy train on it, but this became quite possibly his favorite gift of the night.  Go figure! Proof that kids don't need much in the way of fancy toys.

Our gift to the birthday boy was a basketball hoop and I do believe it was a hit!  With his long fingers and good grip I do believe he has the makings of a basketball player one of these days, so we are starting the training now.

And now, quite possibly for my own memory keeping only some things I want to remember about Haddon at 2 years old!

Haddon is often stubborn and wants to do things on his own, but he is also the sweetest, most cuddly kid and he melts my heart.  He is always willing to give our hugs and kisses and often when we are having an eating or diaper change meltdown he ends it by saying "hug" and reaching out for me.

Haddon loves cars and trucks and trains.  It must be innate boy thing, because I don't think I ever really encouraged this, but he loves them.

Haddon loves his puppy.  He always looking for and hugging and cuddling with his puppy.

Haddon is now a walking machine! He started walking at about 20 months and is fast, fast, fast.  He can also walk up and down the stairs holding onto something.  We went to the doctor on his birthday and he is now 27 pounds, which is the 35% - yea!!!

Haddon in an independent man, he always wants to do things on his own and his own way.  He has a good amount of words right now, but not a lot of phrases.  However, his most used phrase is "I do it" and typically does not want help, I'm so looking forward to seeing the strong man he will become.