Saturday, February 28, 2015

Amaia turns 4!

My baby turned 4 years old this month!  She is a certified big girl now and I don't know how that happened!  Amaia's birthday was an emotional day for me - filled with joy with the girl she has become and sadness that she is getting so big.  Seriously, she is growing up really, really fast!  She is so smart and mature and wonderful and joyful and silly and sweet.  She is such a great helper for me around the house these days and is already an excellent big sister.

Amaia is currently VERY enamored with all things Frozen so it was only natural that we had a Frozen themed birthday this year. Honestly, we played it low key with the birthday celebrations for her this year because well I just had a baby and really all she wanted was to eat cake, open presents and play with her friends.

On the day of her birthday, my big 4 year old woke up to a couple of Frozen balloons. We went to the science center to play and see grandma at her request.

In the evening we celebrated at Gateway market with family, presents and mac and cheese of course :)

Then on Saturday we hosted our first kid birthday party!  We watched Frozen, ate pizza and cupcakes and the kids played.  We also played pin the nose on the Olaf, though I learned that little kids aren't so big on wearing a blindfold so it was a pretty easy game!

I had a giftcard to use from a fancy cupcake shop and oh my they were pretty and tasty!

Amaia had so much fun with her friends and is already planning her next birthday celebration!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Vera at 2 Weeks

Our baby girl is 2 weeks old already!  It feels like so long ago that she wasn't a part of our family to me.  She is one well loved little lady.  I have decided that thus far the most challenging part of having three children in protecting Vera from the intense love of her older siblings.  They LOVE her a lot, but the art of gentleness has not yet been perfected in them.  Amaia loves to talk to her and hold her and Haddon loves to bring her toys, give her hugs and tries to sneak up to her room if he hears her crying.  I think he is going to make a great big brother.

We visited the cardiologist when she was just a few days old and found that her VSD is very similar to what Haddon had.  It is about the same size and in the same place as well.  So far she has been doing great and hasn't shown any signs of it affecting her, so we are hopeful that it will be a non-issue for her.

Vera is the sweetest of little babies.  I think I enjoy each baby a little bit more.  So far she has proven to be a great little sleeper and eater.  She is on a pretty consistent 3 hour eating schedule during the day and then usually goes a couple of 4 hour stretches at night.  She had the 9-midnight fussy time just like her siblings before her, but she has gone to sleep great at about 10 for the past few nights so I'm crossing my fingers that we are past that stage!

We visited the doctor for her 2 week check-up yesterday and she is gaining weight like a champ, which takes a weight of worry off my shoulders and allows me to let her sleep longer at night if she will - hooray!!  She weighed 9 lbs 9 oz, 20.5 Inches long and her head circumference was 15 inches.  All of my babies have very large heads :)