Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Amaia Turns 5!

My baby girl turned 5!  All Amaia wanted for her birthday is to have friends over and eat cake.  It's the simple things! So we planned a simple party for Saturday with friends and on her actual birthday (Friday) she chose to go out on a breakfast date with daddy and then on a Starbucks date with mommy.  I asked her a few days after the fact what was her favorite part of her birthday celebrations and it wasn't the cake or the unicorn present or the balloons, it was going on dates with mommy and daddy. 

Here we are on on our coffee date.  The birthday girl got a cake pop and hot chocolate and we chatted and played the Frozen memory game, which we tied fair and square.  I do not know why we have not done this before, because it was SO fun.  We are definitely going to have to start doing this more often.

I didn't get a lot of pictures of her friend party because lots and lots of children at my house requires attention!  But we had the rare of opportunity of playing outside because it was so nice out!  We played a few games outside, which didn't go as I had planed, but the kids still seemed to have a lot of fun and got to run out some energy.  Then we came inside for presents, pizza and cake.  Amaia chose this birthday cake with the princesses on it so that she could keep the dolls for playing with later on. Turning 5 seems like such a big milestone to me and it was really fun celebrating our sweet girl.

Here are a few things I want to remember about my beautiful 5 year old:

She loves all things princess and super hero equally.  She chose an Avengers balloon for her birthday this year and is always imagining new super heroes and telling me about them.

She is one smart lady.  She is already reading very well and has the imagination and memory to match.

She is still one tall lady - in 90 percentile for height.

She loves her friends.  All she wanted for her birthday was to have friends over, and seemingly everything she looks forward to (church, school, etc.) is just because she wants to see her friends.

The week of her birthday she started waking up VERY early in the morning, so we have officially transitioned to a quiet time in the afternoon instead of a nap time, which she is handling wonderfully. She plays and reads quietly and occasionally still falls asleep.

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Callie said...

It's so weird that our babies are five! :-( They grow so fast. She is a beautiful girl!