Monday, February 8, 2016

Vera is 1!

Our sweet little miss Vera is 1!  I am so excited to celebrate her, but also sad to say goodbye to her baby days.  Vera has been such an easy going and sweet baby and I can already tell that she wants to get in the mix of all the crazy antics of her brother and sister!

At one year old Vera is sleeping from 8pm until 830 am.  She takes two naps a day, but I think she is ready to switch to one longer afternoon nap.  She is a great eater and eats whatever I give her.  The only thing that she has refused was avocado, but I think that was based on texture, because she really seems to enjoy it now.  She has been on 3 meals a day for a while now, with an extra before bed nursing session, during which she is usually VERY distracted so I fear our nursing days may be limited.  As much as nursing can be hard and time consuming some times I also love it and am going to miss it!

Just this week she started pulling up the stand a ton!  She thankfully also mastered bending those cute little legs to get back down from a standing position quickly.  She enjoys dumping everything out, pulling books off the shelves and I have dubbed her my sweet little tornado.  She is also excellent at mimicking.  I don't remember this with my older two (but maybe I just don't remember) but she is very good at watching a repeating sounds and movements that we do.  She is also clearly saying "mama" and "hi" and maybe "bye bye".

Last night we celebrated her birthday with some family and good friends and it was SO MUCH FUN.   Vera was a little bit on the fence about all the people at our house until I gave her her cupcake and then she was all smiles from there on out.

We love our sweet little sister!  

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